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Our Kitchen

Traditional Polish flavors and light Mediterranean cuisine.

We prefer Polish cuisine-especially Polish and hunting - vegetables, meat, fish, mushrooms -POD various forms. We also introduced a light Mediterranean cuisine based on fresh vegetables, herbs, fish, olive oil.
We focus on organic products - healthy and natural.

We do not freeze food, everything is prepared fresh -waiting time for food is about. 30-40minut, sometimes up to an hour.

At the earlier order served m.in .:
freshwater fish - catfish, pike, perch, carp
Poultry -kaczka loosened, stuffed and czernina
cakes and pies
Table reservation and catering order:
tel. 881441086 - restaurant manager
tel.605453825 - Reception
The dishes served in a good quantity and best quality, we want to make every guest fully satisfied and not left hungry.
There is also richly stocked with wines from around the world drink-bar
If weather permits meals can be served on one of the two terraces among the truest of green accompanied by birdsong, our gaggle of geese and croaking frogs.
and for dessert...
For dessert, we offer you a cake or pancakes home baked- all natural and really tasty.
And finally squeezed juice or smoothies made with fruit selected by the guest.

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